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Jeremy Meeks to divorce; wife seeks alimony and child support

Every marriage in New York is different, and every couple handles conflict within their relationship in a different manner. Some couples would speculate that the instance of arrests, prison and separation would be the time that some spouses would seek separation or a divorce. For Jeremy Meeks, his wife reportedly supported him as he served a two-year prison sentence, but since his release, he has filed for a divorce.

Couple's art collection discussed in divorce hearing

Most marriages begin with hope and promise of a happy future together. Couples move in together, bank accounts are joined, a family is formed and many purchases are made together over the years. Sadly, not all marriages manage to last throughout the years and many divorce to go their separate ways. The process of separating homes, family and items owned can be complicated and painful. One New York couple have attorneys helping them as they sift through all aspects of their marriage throughout their divorce proceedings.

Narcissism, communication issues could point to divorce

Many budding relationships often seem as if nothing could go wrong. New York residents who have found love may feel like they will be with their significant other for the rest of their lives and that their love will sustain them. Unfortunately, relationships and people can change over time, and many individuals come to notice the indicators that may signal that divorce is on the horizon.

Creating a divide may help when dealing with divorce and work

Ending a marriage often means that New York residents may deal with numerous details and take a considerable amount of time to handle necessary proceedings. Because of the steps involved with divorce, parties may find themselves having to rearrange certain areas of their lives to accommodate court hearings and attorney meetings. As a result, some employees may worry about how to handle their personal situations in the workplace.

Broaching topic of divorce may be difficult for some in New York

When an individual is considering ending a marriage, he or she may feel apprehensive about broaching the subject. If a spouse has violent tendencies or other issues, this anxious feeling may be warranted. Of course, such problems may also be the reason that the person wishes to file for divorce in the first place. Unfortunately, bringing up the topic may not always go as hoped.

Minor or major, marriage issues may mean divorce in New York

Ending a marriage can be one of the most difficult periods of a New York resident's life. He or she may have believed that the relationship would last forever only to discover that certain issues were too significant to overcome. The reasons for divorce can vary from couple to couple, but certain problems may contribute more than others.

Handelsman divorce case involves millions of dollars

While the reasons behind ending a marriage can be immensely personal, they may seem relatively simple on the outside. However, even simple-seeming reasons can lead to complex divorce proceedings. If parties have a substantial amount of wealth to address during the process, it is not unusual for tensions to run high and for disputes to come about.

Contentious divorce may impact New York kids' immune systems

Most everyone understands that children suffer some type of impact when their parents' marriage ends. In many cases, the effects are minimal as parents do their best to help their kids through the process. However, some children may face lasting effects of divorce if the break up was particularly contentious and the parental relationships continued to face strain after the marriage ended.

Do adult children fare better when New York parents divorce?

Deciding the best time to make a major life change can be difficult when individuals have children. When the major event is divorce, New York parents may feel particularly concerned about the best time to move forward with such a process. To some, getting the unpleasantness out of the way when the kids are young may seem appealing, while other parties may think that adult children could handle the situation better.

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