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We Know How To Find Hidden Assets During Divorce

A divorce is a legal process that will have a significant impact on your financial health in the future. For this reason, it is essential to have a clear understanding of all marital assets and property. This ensures a fair property division settlement and spousal support order. If your spouse is hiding assets or fails to disclose his or her full amount of income, it can leave you with less than you deserve.

At Arnel Law Firm, our New York legal team knows how to seek hidden assets and pursue full financial disclosure. We understand your future is on the line, and we employ all of our resources to fight for a fair outcome to your case. Lawyer Curt Arnel is a CPA, and he is adept at investigating complex financial situations and finding assets and income to which you have a rightful claim.

A Lawyer With A Financial Background On Your Side

Property division can be particularly complex when there is a small business at stake or the possibility of unreported income. Unreported or underreported income can lead to an inequitable property division order, especially when one spouse owns a primarily cash business, such as lawn care service providers, a taxi company or a convenience store owner.

Through a reverse cost of living analysis, we can determine what your spouse actually earned, which may be quite different from what he or she reported in required disclosures or on taxes. As a CPA, Curt Arnel has the financial background and experience to perform the necessary unreported income analysis and investigation to find and appropriately value hidden assets.

You Do Not Have To Fight For A Fair Outcome On Your Own

We know how to effectively navigate situations in which hidden assets and undisclosed income could be a threat to your financial well-being. You have a right to a fair portion of all marital assets, and we can help you counter any unfair tactics and measures that could compromise your future.

Our attorneys offer free initial case evaluations for clients facing complex property division concerns. We can evaluate your situation, identify your legal options and help you fight for a reasonable outcome. Call our Brooklyn office at 347-966-7378 or contact us online for your appointment.