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Violation of Court Orders

A divorce agreement is not something that should be taken lightly. Once finalized before a family court or Supreme Court judge, it is legally binding. Both parties must abide strictly to what is now an order of the New York Supreme Court or Family Court. Any deviations of this court order is considered a violation for which there are legal consequences. Depending on how severe the violation is, consequences can be anything from sanctions and fines to losing custody and being charged with parental kidnapping of a child.

At Arnel Law Firm, we help clients who are facing violation of court orders issues. Based in Brooklyn, New York, we can help those clients who have violated an order and need help with a modification. We also help those who are seeking help due to a former spouse continually violating an existing divorce or Family Court order. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation with one of our Brooklyn, New York, violation of court orders attorneys.

If you are not following your divorce order, it is highly advised that you seek legal representation from an experienced family law attorney. Understandably, situations do change that may merit a modification in the divorce order. But the right thing to do that is to formally seek a modification through the court systems. Otherwise you could be facing adverse legal consequences.

On the flip side, if you find your former spouse has violated your divorce order or even an order of protection in a domestic violence situation, seek help immediately – especially if you feel you and your child are in danger. An attorney can then help once you are out of harm’s way.

Violation Of Child Support, Child Custody And Visitation Orders

There are many violations that can arise from a divorce order when it comes to the child support and custody portions of the agreement. From drop-off sites and parenting time schedules and payment of child support, if a former spouse refuses to stick to what they are legally bound to there can be problems.

The most serious are usually when a parent is consistently late or behind on child support. In some cases the parent could face jail time for back child support which should have and could have been paid. We will help you address violation of court orders involving back child support, including enforcement of orders.

In addition, another serious violation is if a parent goes so far to deviate from a custody and visitation agreement to move-away or relocate with the child without giving any notice to the other parent. This can be charged as parental kidnapping, a criminal offense.

Violation Of Orders Of Protection And Domestic Violence

Orders of protection provide temporary relief for a spouse and any children in a domestic violence issue. When these orders are violated, we may enter into the criminal side of our court systems. Safety is first. If you find your spouse or former spouse is violating an order of protection, seek protection from law enforcement officials and then reach out to one of our lawyers for legal counsel on this very serious matter.

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