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Parental Alienation

Divorcing couples usually share the objective of minimizing the emotional impact of their divorce on their children. Sometimes this effort is undermined, however, when one parent attempts to alienate the child from the other parent.

The term “parental alienation syndrome” (PAS) was coined by a forensic psychiatrist in the 1980s to describe the effort to negatively impact a child’s affection for the other parent. PAS may include routine barrages of negative comments about the other parent, as well as lies about the alienated parent’s actions and encouragement to the child to spend less time with that parent. Sometimes it is intentional. Other times it is the result of exposing children to the hostility that one parent holds toward the other.

If you suspect that you are the victim of parental alienation efforts, prompt intervention is critical to protect your relationship with your child. The lawyers at Arnel Law Firm in Brooklyn, New York, have extensive experience advocating for individuals who have been targeted for parental alienation by the other parent.

Common Signs Of Parental Alienation Syndrome

Parental alienation is a complicated topic with many variables. The court will attempt to discern whether allegations of parental alienation are based on genuine concerns or if they are overreaction. Some common indicators of PAS include:

  • The child believes everything the targeted parent does is wrong and everything the alienating parent does is right.
  • The child expresses negative feelings toward one parent and believes he or she arrived at these sentiments independently.
  • The child is offered the choice whether or not to visit the other parent.
  • A significant and sudden deterioration in a child’s relationship with his or her parent is noticed.
  • The child excessively insults and disrespects the alienated parent.

We Protect Your Relationship With Your Child

If parental alienation exists, an attorney can petition the court to allow you and your child to attend therapy to repair your relationship. In some situations, it may be necessary to appoint a forensic expert such as a psychologist or psychiatrist who can diagnose PAS and testify in court.

We may request a more tightly structured parenting time order, possibly including supervised therapeutic visits, that prevents further alienation from occurring and provides you increased access to the child. In some cases, we may advocate for a change of custody to help remedy the situation.

We welcome the opportunity to review your situation and recommend the best steps to take. Call 347-966-7378 or 866-625-6348 or email us to schedule an appointment with our Brooklyn lawyers for parental alienation.