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How to deal with the pyschological effects of divorce

Divorce is often a very difficult process. In general, it is the end of the life you have been living for many years and the beginning of something new. Dealing with such a drastic change is hard for most people and takes a toll both emotionally and financially. For example, having to make decisions regarding what to do with your home in Brooklyn will probably trigger any number of emotions.

What does "reasonable visitation" mean?

Imagine you've received your child custody orders from a New York court. However, the orders aren't clear. Instead of offering clear guidelines about how the noncustodial parent will visit with his or her child, the orders simply award the noncustodial parent "reasonable visitation" rights.

How spousal or child abuse could impact your custody situation

Going through a divorce isn't easy, even in the best of circumstances. If your spouse has abused you or your children, however, there's often an extra layer of complexity involved. You may worry about your own safety, which is reasonable, as well as the well-being of your children. Of course, staying with your abusive spouse will likely result in ongoing abuse. Leaving is your best option.

The likely impact of a divorce on your retirement savings

Whether you're divorcing in your 40s or in your 60s, the process can have a profound impact on your financial situation. Court costs and attorney fees can quickly add up, diminishing your liquid capital and savings accounts. Assets that you once took for granted, like the equity in your home, are now subject to division with your spouse.

Will your spouse's abusive behavior impact custody in a divorce?

You're considering a divorce because your spouse is physically, sexually or emotionally abusive. Maybe you have already made arrangements to leave, or maybe you're just now trying to figure out how to leave. You may feel worried about the impact the divorce could have on your children.

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