Those who earn a lot of money in New York and elsewhere may be at a higher risk of getting divorced. This is one of the primary takeaways from a SunTrust survey of over 2,000 adults. Of those who took part, 35% said that money was the primary pain point in their relationships. Research has also found that couples who have similar incomes and credit scores are more likely to have successful relationships.

In some cases, the success of a relationship hinges more on a couple’s ability to manage their money. It is not uncommon for a person to make more than $1 million annually and not be able to save any of it. Couples may also have trouble when one spouse is the breadwinner and the other is not earning anything. In this scenario, the person who is working may exert economic power over the person who is not working.

Economic strength can actually put stress on relationships. This is because a spouse who is working may spend long hours at work or many nights away on business trips. If both partners work, they may have little time for each other, which can put pressure on a relationship no matter how well off they may be. Couples may also be more likely to end their marriages if they feel financially secure in doing so.

Individuals who are planning on getting a divorce may have many questions about how to do so. A family law attorney may be able to answer questions related to property division or how a person could obtain spousal or child support payments. An attorney may also explain how social media posts or other electronic messages might be used as evidence in a divorce trial. This may help prevent individuals from unwittingly undermining their credibility.