Co-parents in New York understand that many challenges arise after a divorce. If the children are being raised in two separate households, the exes should have open communication, especially when it comes to the parenting schedule. The following tips can help co-parents.

As kids get older, their needs are going to change. This means that the co-parenting techniques will need to be adjusted throughout the years. One of the most important things that co-parents will need to do, no matter how old their kids are, is provide a sense of security. They can do this by consistently reminding the kids that they have a pair of parents who love them. It’s also good to show enthusiasm about visits with the other parent.

Successful co-parents have found that reminding their children a few days ahead of time about when they will be switching households is helpful. It allows them to anticipate the change and adapt to it. Helping the children to pack important possessions can be beneficial. Keeping these at a bare minimum is usually advisable.

As the children reach their teenage years, they will likely need a more flexible schedule. Many teens have extracurricular projects, friends and jobs. If these things are not taken into consideration, a teenager may become resentful.

Cooperation and polite behavior can set a positive tone for co-parenting. Unfortunately, working with a difficult ex-spouse presents many challenges. If it gets really bad, one parent might want full custody of the children. A parent who has questions about child custody modification or other matters that come up after a divorce can speak to an attorney. Legal counsel could help them file the appropriate paperwork and even argue for their fitness as a parent in court.