The natural assumption in New York is that the more money a couple has on the table, the more likely they are to fight over assets. One divorce attorney told Business Insider that the opposite is true. Couples worth $5 million or more tended to fight less compared to couples that are worth even $1 to $5 million.

So, what it is about the $5 million threshold that makes a difference? One of the top reasons for divorces are financial issues. That $5 million combined total net worth gives couples more wiggle room when it comes to dividing assets. It is also a good mark for deciding how financially stable people are for the long run. This can make both parties feel more secure about their financial future even after dividing up the spoils.

The wealthy in America are not only financially secure but also socially secure. For the almost wealthy, there is a continual fight to remain within certain social circles and to obtain more wealth. Thus, a divorce that may set them back on the economic and social scale costs more for the upper-middle class than it does for the truly wealthy.

One good example of a couple so wealthy that fighting over money was not a battle worth having is Jeff Bezos and his now ex-wife. Still, this is not to say that wealthy couples never divorce with hard feelings, particularly when infidelity or any public embarrassment and betrayal is involved.

To help keep things amicable, Forbes recommends collaborative divorce or mediation. In these instances, both people have their own representatives to help them find middle ground. These representatives may include not just legal representation but even a divorce coach or therapist.