When couples are going through a divorce in New York, one of two situations commonly play out. A spouse may take to social media to air the dirty laundry or speak badly of their spouse. Another scenario is that rather than discuss their spouse, they may talk up their new life and discuss what progress they have made since the separation. Both of these may have negative consequences.

NerdWallet shares the story of the husband-to-be who insisted that he could not afford the divorce settlement his wife proposed. He then took to social media to brag about a new deal he closed for his company and the amazing vacation he took recently. His wife’s attorney took that to court to prove that he could, in fact, afford the proposed settlement.

The New York Times notes that oversharing goes beyond just social media. People should be mindful of all electronic messages they send off, including emails and text messages. Even the photos they have laying around or stored on devices might pose problems later on. Couples who share a home or office with their ex may want to consider locking their devices with a strong password.

While it may not be necessary to maintain radio silence on social media or other forms of communication, divorcees-to-be should note how words and actions may cost them. For example, imagine a reverse of the earlier scenario. If the wife claimed she needed the settlement to get back on her feet, but had the money to take a fancy vacation and closed a big deal at her new job, the husband may have been able to argue that she did not need all that money after all.

Unfortunately, many couples fight dirty during a divorce to save their own skin and their bank account. Always keep this in mind before pressing the send button.