If you and your spouse have been talking about getting a divorce and the holidays are upon you, experts recommend waiting until after the festivities are over to begin the process or announce it to family and friends. In fact, studies show that January is a very popular month for divorce filings in New York and around the country. 

According to the Post Gazette, there are numerous logical reasons couples wait until the New Year to file for divorce. While divorce filings increase in January, they peak in March and this may be due to finances. Many parents choose to spend their money on gifts and/or trips for the family over the holidays which leaves a lot less to spend on divorce lawyers or mediators. Waiting until January helps keep things easier in terms of taxes, and a spouse may also be expecting a spring bonus that he or she does not want counted as a joint asset.

The Huffington Post discusses that families, especially kids, are popular reasons for waiting to divorce. When a separation or divorce occurs during this traditionally festive time, it can result in a negative association for years to come. Rather than do this to the kids, many parents do their best to put on their happy faces and keep the holidays as joyful as possible. One potential upside of taking a step back during the holidays is you and your spouse may even be able to rekindle your romance and decide to fix what is wrong in the relationship.

For some couples, the emotions surrounding the relationship may make it impossible to make it through the holidays together. If this is the case, having a support system around is imperative. In cases of abuse, the victim needs to get out of the relationship right away, no matter what time of the year it is.