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Two ways to preserve privacy in divorce

When divorce is on the table, one of the last concerns to arise usually involves privacy. When there is wealth involved, privacy tends to go out the door. If you are headed toward divorce in the Brooklyn area, you may want to work on keeping your personal and sensitive information from becoming public knowledge. 

Think about it. You and your spouse have worked hard for the financially comfortable lifestyle you have enjoyed together. Being part of a high-value relationship has its perks like affording you the means of professional support and keeping you from financial ruin during the divorce process. However, your wealth can also make you and your ex-partner’s personal business the talk of the town. Consider the following suggestions on protecting your privacy in high-value divorce

Keep it amicable 

Many people find it hard to keep it together and act cordially towards their significant others while they are fighting over who gets the house, kids, pets and vacation properties. The more assets and investments couples have, the more complicated their separations often become. Complications may not necessarily be avoidable during negotiations. Staying on good terms with your spouse and keeping all negative behavior and words out of the proceedings can make arbitration and mediation better divorce options for you to preserve your privacy. 

Stay off social media 

Social media is so popular that you may enjoy sharing details of every event and situation that happens in your life. Anything you or your spouse puts online during your marriage dissolution could incite drama and gossip, which can further complicate your divorce. Until there is no possibility of your social media activity compromising your situation, you should avoid it, if possible. If that is not possible, you may want to discuss acceptable social media parameters or come to an agreement with your soon-to-be-ex to keep all relationship/divorce matters discreet. 

There are circumstances where divorce records do not have to become public matters. If you believe your divorce poses a threat to you or your kids’ safety, such as if there is a history of abuse, make those concerns known early on to learn if you can have your divorce records sealed.

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