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Always obey court orders regarding child custody and support

When you and your spouse are involved in a divorce, the welfare of your children should be a priority. However, sometimes parents disregard child custody and support guidelines made by the court.

Failing to obey court orders is a mistake that could cost you dearly with regard to your relationship with the children and your influence in their lives.

How custody orders work

At the onset of a divorce proceeding, it is a common practice for a judge to issue interim orders pertaining to the custody and support of the children of the marriage. These will address parental decision-making, visitation parameters, support payments and other issues related to the welfare of the children. Similar orders will be decided at the settlement of the divorce.

Common custody and support violations

Violating a court order can be as simple a mistake as failing to drop the children at the home of the other parent on a specific day or being late to pick them up. The court expects parents to meet agreed-upon schedules consistently, and the judge will frown upon any deviation that does not have a reasonable cause. You might also fall behind on your child support payments. If you could have paid these, you might be looking at serious legal repercussions, including the possibility of jail time.

Failure to communicate

A serious legal problem could arise if you do not communicate in a reasonable fashion with the other parent. For example, if you take the children on a trip out of state or attempt to relocate with them without notifying the other parent, he or she is sure to tell the court. This would be a serious mistake: The subject of kidnapping might even arise. You might receive the label of a "problem parent" and could ultimately lose ground in terms of being able to make legal custody decisions on behalf of your children.

Looking ahead

Sometimes disobeying a court order with respect to child custody or support is an honest mistake, and sometimes it stems from anger or frustration. Court orders should never be taken lightly. By your disregard, you could easily jeopardize the future you hope to have with your children.

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