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Practical tips for a name change after a divorce

For many New York spouses, changing their name after the end of a marriage is a deeply rewarding experience. For some, the name change signifies the beginning of a new phase of life. Others look forward to eliminating such a daily reminder of a link to a family that is no longer theirs. Regardless of the motivation behind a post-divorce name change, the process involved in completing that task has numerous steps. 

If there was never a marriage, there won't be a divorce

For New York couples preparing the end their union, it may be helpful to take a close look at their wedding photos. Not to take a punishing stroll down memory road, but to remind the parties of who officiated the marriage. Depending on the laws of the state where the couple married, and those of where they will divorce, the credentials of the individual who conducted the ceremony may be very important. 

Retirment account division in divorce can be complicated

When considering ending a marriage, there are multiple items and assets New York couples must consider when negotiating property division. According to data, the division of retirement accounts and pensions are some of married couple's most contested topics of division when negotiating the terms of a divorce. Division of retirement accounts is often complicated and requires some expertise to navigate through the process.

Asset division: Couple argues over antique shaving mug collection

Every person values different things in their lives for different reasons. Some items are also considered to be valuable by others, while others may just hold sentimental value to the owner. When a divorce occurs, asset division can be a contentious battle between the couple if both value the same shared property. New York couples with valued collections may be interested in an elderly couple's battle over antique shaving mugs.

Movie money used for child support payment

Most parents want what is best for their children, but some may struggle to provide what is desired by either the parent or children. Parents who are ordered to submit court-ordered child support to another parent may experience circumstances in life that can result in a struggle to make a required financial contribution. When circumstances change, parents often find the assistance of a New York family law attorney to be helpful to prevent punishment due to delinquent payments. One man in another state may spend time in jail after reportedly submitting fake money as part of his child support payment.

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