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February 2018 Archives

Man's past-due child support of 20 years leads to federal charges

One parent choosing to be the primary custodial parent following a divorce can often be difficult. If the other parent has little involvement, the primary parent must shoulder the majority of the burden for the care and financing of their shared children. Fortunately, many parents pay child support to assist providing for their child. New York parents may be interested to learn how one man's past-due child support resulted in federal criminal charges.

Man wishes to establish paternity but state law may prevent it

Many states, including New York, have established laws that presume a woman's husband is the father of a child or children born to her during a marriage. Of course, that presumption does not always comport with the actual facts. A man in another state has been fighting to establish paternity despite another man being recognized as a child's father. 

Divorce negotiations could be affected by alimony tax changes

At the end of a marriage, the separating couple will have to decide on several final arrangements. Divorce negotiations in New York typically revolve around asset division, child custody, child support and alimony. One new change in the tax code has created a stir because it may have effects on how divorces are settled from now on. 

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