The scandal involving Harvey Weinstein has been a dominant news story over the last few months in media outlets in New York and across the country. After numerous accusations against Weinstein began to surface spanning multiple years, his wife Georgina Chapman announced she planned to separate from Weinstein. Although neither Weinstein nor Chapman has officially filed for divorce, details of their possible divorce have been made public.

Although both Weinstein and Chapman are both successful, Weinstein is considerably wealthier. Reportedly, he has a net worth of almost $300 million, and Chapman’s estimated worth of $20 million pales in comparison. Weinstein gained his success in the movie production business, while Chapman has been successful with her clothing design company, Marchesa.

The couple apparently has a prenuptial agreement, the details of which have been made public. Chapman could receive as much as $12 million based on the terms of the prenuptial agreement but could have been less if the marriage had lasted less than 10 years. The couple’s 10th wedding anniversary recently occurred. Some prenuptial agreements offer additional financial incentives the more years a couple is married. 

The property division process in a divorce is often grueling, particularly when there is a significant amount of assets. When children are involved, multiple decisions must also be made regarding custody, their ongoing care and financial support. Most individuals find the assistance of a New York family law attorney to be of great assistance through the divorce process, as well as advocating for the wants and needs of the client.

Source:, “Georgina Chapman Could Reportedly Receive $12 Million in Harvey Weinstein Divorce“, Kenzie Bryant, Dec. 19, 2017