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December 2017 Archives

Kirk Frost in paternity battle; woman says he fathered her child

Any parent in New York raising a child on his or her own can likely attest to the hardships that may arise. Some single parents choose to have a family court judge order that the other parent pay child support and otherwise share in the care of a child. Earlier this year, Jasmine Washington filed a paternity lawsuit against Kirk Frost, though there are unconfirmed reports the case was thrown out of court for improper service of process.

Divorce: Details of Weinstein's prenutpial agreement made public

The scandal involving Harvey Weinstein has been a dominant news story over the last few months in media outlets in New York and across the country. After numerous accusations against Weinstein began to surface spanning multiple years, his wife Georgina Chapman announced she planned to separate from Weinstein. Although neither Weinstein nor Chapman has officially filed for divorce, details of their possible divorce have been made public.

Garnishing wages from contract workers is difficult

New York lawmakers continue to hear from single parents about the difficulty of obtaining agreed and ordered child support payments from their children's other parent. The solution for many parents to guarantee payment is garnishing wages from the paying parent's paycheck. Unfortunately, the new gig economy that companies such as Uber, Lyft and Airbnb are encouraging is making it easier for parents to hide their income and avoid child support payments.

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