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October 2017 Archives

Paternity lawsuit filed against Miguel Cabrera

Many people in New York enjoy sharing life with another person. Unfortunately when relationships end, they can be extremely messy. When children are involved, the breakup becomes more difficult. Miquel Cabrera, a Major League baseball star, is involved in a contentious paternity lawsuit with a former mistress who claims he is the father of her two children.

Woman spends 5 days in jail, must share child custody with father

When couples divorce, it is not uncommon for there to be opposing opinions regarding the care of any shared children. Some couples are able to amicably co-parent children following a divorce, but many require family law attorneys in New York to assist them throughout the process. Recently, a mother in another state not only spent time in jail for failure to comply with court orders, but now has to equally share the custody of her son with her former husband.

Woman seeks to prove paternity of daughter and ask for legal help

The expectation of a new baby into the family is usually a joyous occasion for the parents and extended family members. Unfortunately, unexpected circumstances can hinder the joyous occasion. One woman's first weeks with her newborn have been emotional and stressful. She has requested a New York court for the permission to test her dead husband's DNA to prove his paternity of her daughter before he is buried.

Child custody case involves child of Hurricane Harvey victim

Many New York residents are aware of the devastation that Hurricane Harvey caused in other parts of the country. Stories of heroism and of sadness continue to come to light as recovery and rebuilding occur following the flooding the hurricane left in its path. One of the sadder stories involved a woman dying in the flood waters while protecting her daughter, and her daughter is now the center of a child custody case.

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