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Shared child custody may be worth consideration in New York

Facing custody issues may be a New York parent's worst nightmare. They may worry that their children will be caught in the middle of child custody disputes and proceedings that will cause everyone involved a considerable amount of stress. Apparently, this fear is relatively common and often results in similar custody outcomes: the mother gains primary custody and the father gets weekend time.

However, a recent study indicated that the conflict that is often feared during this time tends to be exaggerated. This means that sometimes parents may create more conflict than usually exists in hopes of obtaining custody of the kids. It was also reported that after the first few years of divorce, the initial feelings of contention and conflict tend to subside. By this point, though, custody decisions have already been made.

Though it may be reasonable to worry that children will be negatively impacted by stress and conflict, if the parental relationships remain strong, children tend to thrive in their environments. As a result, it is important for children to have the opportunity to create those relationships with their mothers and fathers. When getting divorced, parents may want to more strongly considered shared custody.

When emotions are high, it is easy to let them take over and make decisions that may have gone differently if thought through more clearly. Because child custody arrangements can have considerable impacts, New York parents may want to take the time to fully consider how their children may be affected by the custody terms. Assessing their circumstances and speaking with their legal counsel may allow concerned parties to make the best decisions for themselves.

Source:, "Rosenblum: New research supports shared custody for children in divorce", Gail Rosenblum, Aug. 30, 2017

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