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Creating a divide may help when dealing with divorce and work

Ending a marriage often means that New York residents may deal with numerous details and take a considerable amount of time to handle necessary proceedings. Because of the steps involved with divorce, parties may find themselves having to rearrange certain areas of their lives to accommodate court hearings and attorney meetings. As a result, some employees may worry about how to handle their personal situations in the workplace.

Due to the time dissolving a marriage requires, it may prove difficult to keep a divorce completely separate from work. Individuals may need to speak with their employers to inform them of the situations and to reassure them that work will be impacted as little as possible. In best case scenarios, employers will be as understanding as possible.

Parties may also want to do their best to remain professional. Though divorce can be an emotional time, bringing those emotions into the workplace can make for an awkward environment. By keeping personal aspects at home and work aspects in the office, individuals may have a better chance of creating a divide that helps them better handle the various aspects of their lives.

Though co-workers and other people may try to offer advice after learning about a pending divorce, New York residents may want to remember that not all friendly advice is reliable. Each person's case is different, and parties may do well to gain their knowledge from reliable sources. Experienced attorneys could help concerned individuals understand their options and routes for handling their cases as effectively as possible.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Dealing with Divorce in the Workplace", Debbie Martinez, Aug. 18, 2017

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