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Do adult children fare better when New York parents divorce?

Deciding the best time to make a major life change can be difficult when individuals have children. When the major event is divorce, New York parents may feel particularly concerned about the best time to move forward with such a process. To some, getting the unpleasantness out of the way when the kids are young may seem appealing, while other parties may think that adult children could handle the situation better.

Though the choice to divorce is wholly up to the couple involved, considering the children's ages may be wise. Though many individuals may believe that older children have the maturity to handle such a potentially difficult event, a parents' divorce can still be hard on adult children, as they have been used to the family dynamic for longer. As a result, they are losing a constant that has been in their lives, possibly for decades.

Additionally, older children may find themselves trying to take on some responsibility during their parents' divorce. The situation does not necessarily need their active participation, but they may feel as if they have some sense of duty when it comes to having a role and making the endeavor easier on their parents. This type of action could result in their taking on unnecessary stress.

Though there may also be less custody stress for parents if their children are of an older age, the process can still take a considerable toll on everyone involved. New York parents who are concerned about the best time to divorce may wish to assess their personal situations. Once they are ready to move forward, interested individuals may wish to consult with experienced attorneys regarding their legal options.

Source:, "Waiting Until Kids Are Older to Divorce?", Maria Sikoutris Di Iorio, July 5, 2017

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