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Contentious divorce may impact New York kids' immune systems

Most everyone understands that children suffer some type of impact when their parents' marriage ends. In many cases, the effects are minimal as parents do their best to help their kids through the process. However, some children may face lasting effects of divorce if the break up was particularly contentious and the parental relationships continued to face strain after the marriage ended.

New York residents may be interested in a recent study that indicated that adult immune systems could potentially be affected by childhood divorce. Of course, the circumstances of the divorces play a considerable role in the impact. Apparently, if parents split up and were no longer speaking to one another after the divorce, the children impacted by those divorces showed an increased likelihood of having weaker adult immune systems.

The study utilized 201 healthy adults and required that the individuals face exposure to a cold-causing virus. The results of the study found that adults with divorced parents who did not have contact as the children grew up were over three times more likely to catch a cold. It was also noted that adults whose parents divorced in childhood but continued to work together when it came to parenting did not have a higher likelihood for illness.

Though divorce can be difficult, especially when the marriage itself was strained, knowing the lasting effects a stressful dissolution can have on children may cause parents to think about how they approach their cases. New York parents may wish to assess their circumstances and determine whether they have the ability to utilize an amicable approach to their proceedings and custody arrangements. Information on various legal options may prove useful in the endeavor.

Source: Reuters, "Nasty parental divorce may leave a mark on adult immune system", Lisa Rapaport, July 5, 2017

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