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June 2017 Archives

Will your spouse's abusive behavior impact custody in a divorce?

You're considering a divorce because your spouse is physically, sexually or emotionally abusive. Maybe you have already made arrangements to leave, or maybe you're just now trying to figure out how to leave. You may feel worried about the impact the divorce could have on your children.

Which property is whose during New York asset division?

Almost everyone has heard of the saying that knowledge is power. When it comes to divorce, having the right knowledge can make a considerable difference in the outcomes of the proceedings. Asset division in particular can cause many New York residents issues if they do not fully understand what aspects could play significant roles in the process. 

Gray divorce may have greater financial impacts in New York

The older New York residents get, the more they likely contemplate what they will do with the rest of their lives. Because individuals over the age of 50 often begin to view life as more finite, they tend to begin to assess their lives and determine what changes could be made to help them achieve greater happiness. For some, divorce is the answer.

Support and attitude may impact New York divorce cases

Going through a major life change can cause many New York residents to act in ways that they normally would not. Divorce is one of those events that can cause people to feel intense emotions, and many parties often make decisions based solely on the emotions they are feeling in that moment. Unfortunately, this type of approach may not prove to be the most beneficial when it comes to ending a marriage.

Amicable custody approach may benefit New York parents and kids

Wanting to do right by their children is often a goal for most New York parents. Of course, because certain life events are unexpected, it is not always easy to plan for every parenting moment. One situation that can prove particularly difficult for parents to navigate is when it comes to child custody and setting an example for kids after divorce.

Are New York residents showing off with divorce selfies?

Each divorcing New York resident looks at the ending of his or her marriage in a different way. Some people may see it as the much-needed end of an era and are ready to move on, and other parties may find it to be a much more emotionally distressing event. However, it seems that a considerable number of people are falling into the former category as divorce selfies are taking off.

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