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New York residents may face complex second divorce cases

Many New York residents who have gone through the process of dissolving their marriages were likely glad to see the proceedings end. They may have moved on with their lives and found love again only to end up in another situation where the marriage is coming to an end. Going through a second divorce can have certain complexities not faced the first time around.

For instance, if individuals had children from their first marriage, they undoubtedly created a custody agreement during the divorce. If a person married again and had more children, a new custody arrangement would come into play. However, the first custody agreement would undoubtedly need to be considered when working on terms for the second agreement. As a result, individuals may face additional complications.

Of course, having already ended one marriage gives parties a certain advantage as well. They already know what proceedings they will likely face and what may be expected of them during the process. Furthermore, they may have a better idea as to what type of divorce method may work best for them: litigation, collaboration or mediation. 

Though it is rare that a person enters into a marriage expecting it to fail, having to go through divorce a second time can seem daunting. However, individuals in this situation likely know that they can seek assistance from knowledgeable legal professionals. New York residents going through divorce for the second time may wish to speak with their legal counsel in order to gain specific insight into how their cases could differ from the first time.

Source:, "Special Considerations for a Second Divorce", Katherine A. Nunziata, March 27, 2017

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