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Cake and divorce may become new pairing in New York

For some individuals, ending a marriage does not necessarily have to be a bad life event. Some New York residents may see the divorce as a chance to start fresh and reconsider how they would like to live their lives as a single person or with a new love. Indeed, many parties are beginning to treat this milestone as a celebration, with cake included.

It was recently reported that divorce cakes are becoming a growing trend around the world. Though this type of creation may seem like a novelty item found at only smaller niche bakeries, even larger companies have been willing to work with customers looking to celebrate the ending of their marriages with this confection. The outcomes can range from simple icing messages like "Just Divorced" or more elaborate decorations poking fun at traditional wedding cakes. 

Though some individuals may question why a cake would be appropriate for such an event, the idea of celebrating divorce could provide a sense of catharsis for some parties. Rather than dwelling on the past or believing that they have failed themselves, creating a cake and moving on may allow individuals to pick themselves up more quickly after divorce. Additionally, they may be able to channel some of their emotions into this aspect of the situation rather than a more inappropriate venue, like the courtroom.

Whether individuals choose to mourn or celebrate the ends of their marriages, divorce is a significant life event. Therefore, staying in control during the proceedings can play an important role. While a baker may help create more positive emotions surrounding the proceedings, New York residents may also wish to consult with experienced attorneys to ensure that they face their legal processes as needed.

Source:, "Yes, Divorce Cakes are Really Trending", Rebekah Lowin, April 10, 2017

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