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Gaining advocates during divorce may help New York residents

Many New York residents likely do not want to think about their finances in a stressful capacity. However, going through divorce takes a considerable toll on a person's financial affairs, and therefore, close examination of those affairs often proves necessary. Not only will individuals likely want to protect their assets as much as possible, but attempting to determine how certain decisions will impact their futures is a prudent step.

When it comes to asset protection, there are various courses of action individuals could utilize. First, because many personal accounts provide for online access, changing passwords may be wise. This action could help keep any potential malicious tactics at bay should a soon-to-be ex attempt to sabotage personal accounts or hide assets.

One divorce financial planner describes the end of a marriage as 40 percent financial. Because it is true that this aspect of divorce can play a considerable role in the process, individuals may wish to look into tax implications and future growth relating to property distribution decisions and other related aspects. Because considering all possible financial factors could seem overwhelming, individuals may wish to consider gaining professional assistance. 

Having professionals as advocates during divorce could help interested New York residents more readily navigate scenarios that could prove overwhelming. In addition to financial professionals, experienced attorneys could help individuals find out more on the legal proceedings and the options for approaching their cases. This assistance could allow parties to plan ahead and determine what decisions may best suit their particular circumstances.

Source:, "Specialists help to navigate financial split in divorce", Brad Allen, Feb. 25, 2017

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