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Mark and Alison Pincus facing divorce, prenup issues

The complications that may arise when a couple decides to end their marriage depends on their specific factors. When the situation is a high-asset divorce, individuals could face issues regarding property division, prenuptial agreements or a variety of other aspects. New York residents may be interested in one complex case currently taking place in another state.

New York residents' homes may be important part of asset division

A person's home typically acts as a place of security and comfort. Because many memories are often made in the family house, a strong attachment can commonly form to this piece of property. However, when a couple decides to divorce, the home could become a point of contention when it comes to asset division. 

Formal custody arrangement may help New York parents avoid scares

Children are often the most important people in their parents' lives. However, if those parents are not married, custody issues could put a strain on everyone involved. If the parents do not have a formal custody agreement, the likelihood of complications may be high, and in some instances, the situations could escalate to a point where the authorities become involved.

Complex divorce in the city? It doesn't have to be disastrous

Divorce is rarely simple, and for couples with significant assets who live in a world-class city like New York, the process can seem like a disaster waiting to happen. This does not have to be the case, but without proper guidance, it very well could be.

Gaining advocates during divorce may help New York residents

Many New York residents likely do not want to think about their finances in a stressful capacity. However, going through divorce takes a considerable toll on a person's financial affairs, and therefore, close examination of those affairs often proves necessary. Not only will individuals likely want to protect their assets as much as possible, but attempting to determine how certain decisions will impact their futures is a prudent step.

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