Being a father is an experience that many men enjoy. However, some individuals may not know they are fathers until a considerable amount of time after their children have been born. As a result, these individuals may have to go to considerable lengths to establish paternity and work to gain custody of — or visitation with — their children. 

New York residents may be interested in one out-of-state man’s struggles with such an endeavor. Reports stated that the man was told by the mother of his twins that he was not their father. However, the woman did not have a paternity test done and had told other individuals that the man was the father. Now, the infant son is in the process of being adopted while the infant daughter was given to another family. 

The man was informed that he is the father of the children after the son was taken by an adoption agency. The mother confirmed his paternity, but the man is now working to have a paternity test to solidify that confirmation so that he can work toward gaining custody of the children. However, he faces complications due to one child having already been given up for adoption. 

Situations in which fathers must work to prove paternity in order to gain custody can be arduous endeavors. However, many individuals find the process worth it if they are able to become more involved in their children’s lives. Therefore, New York residents who have questions regarding paternity testing and potentially gaining custody of children may wish to speak with experienced attorneys about what such a process may entail.

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