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New York residents may wish to explore divorce process options

Ending a marriage is a personal experience for those involved. However, during the divorce process, individuals may wish to keep more of a business-like mindset. This view may help parties work toward the end result without letting their emotions get the better of them. Divorcing New York residents may also want to find the process that best suits their circumstances.

For some parties, mediation may be the process that works for their situation. Mediation allows for the parties involved to utilize a third-party mediator to help individuals work through the negotiations needed to reach their settlement terms. This type of proceeding may suit the needs of parties who are still able to work together and compromise on the issues they may face as they end their marriage. 

Collaborative divorce is another type of process that could be useful to certain individuals. With this type of divorce, the parties involved and their legal counsel have group meetings in which they work together to address the issues at hand. Legal counsel can offer advice on the proceedings, and the individuals still retain control over their situation. 

Because each case is different, the details of each marriage and remaining relationship between the parties involved could play a considerable role in determining which divorce process could suit certain circumstances. New York residents who are uncertain as to which proceedings may work for them may want to find out more information on their various options. Speaking with their legal counsel may help concerned parties determine their best routes for moving forward.

Source:, "Navigating divorce by using a business mindset", Mark Scott, Jan. 1, 2017

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