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December 2016 Archives

Coming to custody terms may depend on certain circumstances

Understandably, going through divorce when there are children involved is stressful. Parents may wonder how their children will react and whether they will be able to reach terms with each other that are agreeable. Custody can cause much contention between the parties involved, and therefore, New York parents may wish to better understand the proceedings involved.

Spousal maintenance may cause conflict in wealthy divorce cases

Complicated divorce proceedings could affect any couple going through the process, but individuals with considerable wealth may find themselves facing even more complexities. Spousal maintenance may be a particular point of contention as many individuals often hope to keep up the lifestyles to which they have become accustomed during their marriages. As a result, there is a chance that substantial amounts of money could be at the crux of many divorce issues.

Dividing wealth may make for complex divorce cases in New York

In order to handle stressful situations, many New York residents likely prepare as best as they can. Making preparations could prove particularly useful for individuals who are going through divorce. Because the specific circumstances of a case greatly impact how individuals may handle the ending of their marriages, each individual may wish to find out information related to their specific concerns. 

Holidays may cause custody concerns for New York parents

Holiday stress may affect many New York residents for various reasons. For individuals who have recently gone through divorce or are currently going through the process, figuring out the holidays as a single person may be a new venture, especially for parents. It is likely that child custody agreements will have some say in holiday scheduling, but parents could still work to make the most of the season.

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