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Permanent alimony may concern New York residents

After getting a divorce, many individuals may hope to cut ties with their former spouses. However, there are many aspects that could keep individuals in contact with each other even after ending their marriage. Alimony is one issue that may leave individuals having to maintain a semblance of connection with a former spouse, and in some cases, the obligation could prove burdensome.

New York residents likely know that failing to pay spousal support could lead to serious legal problems. An individual who is obligated to pay but has missed payments could potentially face jail time. One man in another state faced such a predicament after falling behind on his permanent alimony owed to his ex-wife. He was recently sentenced to two years in jail due to owing $250,000 in child and spousal support.

The awarding of permanent alimony may be a touchy subject for many individuals, and several parties may think that permanent support is unwarranted. This type of support used to be necessary for wives who were unable to find work and relied heavily on their husbands' incomes. However, the majority of women today are able to find gainful employment. 

If New York residents are concerned about alimony and how it could be awarded in relation to their divorce cases, they may wish to gain more information. Temporary, permanent or other types of support duration could come into play. Discussing the specific details of their cases with experienced attorneys could help them gain useful insight on how to work toward the outcomes they want to achieve. 

Source:, "Brittingham: Should we re-think alimony?", Sam Brittingham, Nov. 20, 2016

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