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Divorce mediation could help New York residents stay civil

The way any situation is approached could have an impact on the outcomes. This fact may be of particular interest to individuals who are going through divorce. The methods with which New York residents approach their proceedings could set a tone for how negotiations are handled. For some individuals, mediation may be a feasible option if they hope to move forward with less conflict. 

A recent report recounted one women's experience with divorce mediation. During their proceedings, the woman and her now ex-husband had topics relating to property division and child custody to sort out. The woman stated that there were times during negotiations where tensions were high and the threat of litigation loomed. However, the individuals were able to complete their proceedings outside the courtroom with the assistance of their mediators.

The woman stated that through the process, she was able to come out on the other side still having trust in her ex-husband. This was particularly important to her as the parenting plan agreed upon during mediation allowed for co-parenting the children. The woman wanted to feel confident that the kids were taken care of by their father, and she feels that he's taken that responsibility seriously.

When children are involved, divorce can be particularly difficult. Parents will likely not only worry about custody issues but also about how well they will be able to get along after their marriage ends. However, New York residents may be able to utilize mediation during their divorce in order to keep an amicable atmosphere that could lead to a continued civil relationship in the future.

Source: NPR, "Finding A New Kind Of Partnership Through Divorce", Nov. 10, 2016

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