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November 2016 Archives

New York residents with low income may seek child support changes

Income often plays a significant role in a person's ability to make necessary payments. If an individual is obligated to pay child support but has a low income, he or she may struggle to attend to that obligation. Unfortunately, unpaid support could lead to difficulties for all parties involved.

Child abuse and neglect can stem from domestic violence

Children need love and nurturing to feel secure and develop the life skills they will need to form stable and functional relationships as adults. When they grow up in home environments where incidents of domestic violence occur, they lack this essential framework. But that only scratches the surface of the problem of intimate partner violence in the home.

Permanent alimony may concern New York residents

After getting a divorce, many individuals may hope to cut ties with their former spouses. However, there are many aspects that could keep individuals in contact with each other even after ending their marriage. Alimony is one issue that may leave individuals having to maintain a semblance of connection with a former spouse, and in some cases, the obligation could prove burdensome.

Divorce mediation could help New York residents stay civil

The way any situation is approached could have an impact on the outcomes. This fact may be of particular interest to individuals who are going through divorce. The methods with which New York residents approach their proceedings could set a tone for how negotiations are handled. For some individuals, mediation may be a feasible option if they hope to move forward with less conflict. 

The family home and divorce may cause concern in New York

Going through the process to end a marriage has many steps. New York residents will have to make numerous decisions on various divorce topics, and when it comes to dividing property, there may be particularly difficult choices to make. One of the more emotional issues for some parties may be deciding how the family home should be addressed.

New York men arrested for child support offenses

It is common that parents want to do their parts in efforts to provide for their children. However, individuals who are required to make child support payments may find themselves having a hard time keeping up with their obligations. These situations can prove difficult for all parties involved as children and custodial parents may be missing needed income, and the parent missing payments could face jail time.

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