Going through proceedings to end a marriage can have varying impacts on the parties involved. Age, gender, income level and many other factors could affect how New York residents and other individuals fare when it comes to their divorce cases. In particular, older women could be more negatively affected than their male counterparts, especially when it comes to finances. 

It was recently reported that women who divorce at an older age stand a higher chance of having to remain in the workforce longer. After a gray divorce, women ages 50 to 75 may be more likely to still be working full time due to the outcomes of ending their marriages. Not only does the divorce play a role, but actions taken during the marriage may also affect a woman’s earning capacity.

If she left the workforce in order to care for children or for other reasons, a divorced woman may have a more difficult time obtaining a job and/or have to contend with a lower rate of pay. The report went on to state that 22 percent of divorced women over the age of 80 were considered poor. As a result, this information could impact how women approach their divorces.

Regardless of gender, it is likely that everyone hopes to get the most out of their divorce proceedings, and older individuals may be particularly interested in obtaining results that could benefit them financially. Alimony and property division could be areas in which divorcing New York residents hope to come out on top. If individuals are interested in creating a plan to work toward their goals, they may wish to consult with experienced attorneys.

Source: CBS News, “The devastation of divorce for older women“, Aimee Picchi, Oct. 21, 2016