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Prenups could address alimony concerns for New York residents

New Yorkers who are considering marriage may have many questions. They may wonder about living arrangements, kids or even what could happen if they get divorced. Luckily, individuals could take steps to be prepared for divorce. Prenuptial agreements could allow couples to come to terms regarding alimony and property division before the marriage takes place.

Though many individuals may only think of assets when it comes to the terms of a prenup, there are other topics that could be addressed as well. Alimony is one of those topics. Individuals could agree to terms regarding who could be eligible to receive spousal support and the circumstances that could dictate the amount of that support. Addressing these concerns ahead of time could help individuals keep from being blind sided during a divorce.

Prenups are also useful for property division. Similarly to alimony, individuals can create terms for how they want certain property to be divided in the event of a divorce. By doing so, they may be able to have more control over the outcomes than if outside parties have to get involved in the property division process should a divorce result subsequently. 

Creating a prenup does not have to be a scary experience. Individuals can communicate about issues that they believe could be concerns and work together to make agreeable terms. New York residents who are interested in creating such a documents and/or are concerned with property division and alimony may wish to consult with experienced divorce attorneys who could provide valuable information.

Source:, "Why pre-nups are not only for the rich and famous", Lawrence S. Jacobs, Sept. 17, 2016

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