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September 2016 Archives

Former NBA player Glen Rice gains child support modifications

Dealing with financial obligations is something that almost every adult must face. Some individuals may have monetary responsibilities that others do not, and child support could be one of those obligations. Though this support is often necessary for custodial parents to provide for the children, the parent who is required to pay may struggle to meet the monthly payments. In these cases, individuals may wish to consider support modifications.

Prenups could address alimony concerns for New York residents

New Yorkers who are considering marriage may have many questions. They may wonder about living arrangements, kids or even what could happen if they get divorced. Luckily, individuals could take steps to be prepared for divorce. Prenuptial agreements could allow couples to come to terms regarding alimony and property division before the marriage takes place.

Financial concerns may impact gray divorce in New York

When New York residents decide to divorce later in life, they are not alone. The numbers for gray divorces doubled over a 20 year period and continue to remain on a steady rate of one out of every four cases. However, going through divorce while over the age of 50 may cause some concern for finances. Luckily, individuals could take steps to protect themselves financially.

Some things to consider with your prenuptial agreement

The good news is you have found the love of your life and the wedding date is set. Happily you both have successful careers with strong earning potential for years to come. Of course it takes a serious chunk of change to live comfortably in the city, but it still seems like there will be enough money that it's a good idea to structure a prenuptial agreement.

New York parents may want to address college funds during divorce

There are various ways in which New York parents may attempt to save money for their children's college funds. Some utilize savings bonds, special savings plans or other types of accounts. Though these accounts may prove to be a valuable asset, there is a chance that parents could face uncertainty when it comes to how those funds may be addressed should the couple divorce. 

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