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New York couples may wish to talk divorce before marriage

For New York residents who wish to avoid a messy and time-consuming divorce, they may wish to consider planning for such an event before the marriage takes place. Though the idea may seem contradictory to some, discussing divorce before tying the knot could prove immensely beneficial. A prenuptial agreement is a option that could help interested parties take such action.

Though some parties may think that such agreements are only for individuals with considerable wealth, they may be interested to know that prenups could benefit individuals of any income level. Though the main use for this type of agreement is often to determine property division, there are also other subjects that could be addressed. In fact, almost anything that may be cause for concern in the event of a divorce could be addressed in the agreement, except for things like child support. 

Once a prenup is created, individuals will likely want to update the agreement periodically. Changes in life are common, and if the document is not updated to reflect applicable changes, complications could arise should divorce proceedings begin. Reviewing and updating the agreement every five years may be a good starting point. 

Discussing divorce before getting married may seem like an insensitive approach, but the discussion could allow couples to gain valuable knowledge about themselves and their future spouses. A prenuptial agreement could have many benefits, and if New York residents are interested in creating such an agreement, they may wish to find out more about their options. Consulting with experienced family law attorneys could prove useful in creating the document and determining which terms may be best suited for particular cases. 

Source: The Huffington Post, "Plan For A Successful Divorce Before Your Wedding Day!", Jim Halfens, July 22, 2016

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