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Custody concerns may have New York parents making tough decisions

If New York parents find themselves facing a difficult marriage, they may wonder what the future could hold for them and their children. Some individuals may consider staying married in order to save their children from the difficulties of divorce and child custody proceedings. However, there are many factors to consider, and in some cases, staying married may not be best for everyone involved.

Negative relationships can take a toll on more than just the couple themselves, especially if they have children. Parental relationships can impact a significant portion of children's lives, and this fact is often a point of concern for parents considering divorce. They often want to follow through with the actions that are in the best interests of their children, but determining what those actions are could be confusing.

Parents may hope to keep their children in the happiest environment possible, and though many individuals may think having two married parents equals happiness, that is not necessarily the case. If parents fight often or are unhappy themselves, their marital status may not matter in terms of working to keep their children happy. If unhealthy relationships are maintained for the children's sake, those children may develop skewed ideas about marriage. 

Of course, individuals facing marital and parental issues have details in their lives that others may not understand. As such, each decision is personal and unique to those facing relationship struggles. If New York parents believe that their marriage is nearing an end and are concerned about child custody, they may wish to gain more information on the proceedings and how they could potentially work toward the most minimal upset.

Source:, "Should you stay together for the kids?", David Snell, Aug. 15, 2016

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