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August may have seen high divorce filings in New York

Though many New York residents may contemplate the idea of ending their marriages, there may be several reasons that they hold off on taking that step. Some of these reasons could be considered common, and as a result, certain periods of the years may be more likely to see divorce filings than others. According to recent research, August and March are the peak months for divorces. 

With August coming to a close, many individuals may wonder what contributes to this month having numerous divorces. One reason cited in the study is that many families tend to go on vacation during the summer holidays. During these vacations, spouses may hope that they will have an enjoyable time and rekindle their relationship. Unfortunately, these hopes are often left unfulfilled, and as summer comes to an end, so do their marriages. 

When it comes to divorcing in March, the prior holiday season often plays a considerable role. Families may try to have a fun-filled holiday season and respect the sacredness of this time rather than filing for divorce. Similarly, as the new year rolls around, some may have renewed hopes that new changes in the relationship will save the marriage. However, these changes may not occur, and individuals could find themselves filing for divorce in March. 

If New York residents were among those who filed for divorce in August or are considering filing at another time, they will likely have many important decisions to make in the near future. Therefore, they may want to understand the proceedings that could come along with their divorces and how they could address potential issues. Speaking with experienced attorneys could help concerned parties prepare for such events. 

Source:, "Divorce Rates Spike In March And August -- And Here's Why", Amanda Chatel, Aug. 26, 2016

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