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August 2016 Archives

August may have seen high divorce filings in New York

Though many New York residents may contemplate the idea of ending their marriages, there may be several reasons that they hold off on taking that step. Some of these reasons could be considered common, and as a result, certain periods of the years may be more likely to see divorce filings than others. According to recent research, August and March are the peak months for divorces. 

Alimony may affect New York residents after gray divorce

Divorcing at an older age is becoming a more common occurrence. As a result, there are issues that older New York residents may need to contend with that could considerably affect their lives and future plans, especially financially. Alimony and the financial impacts of such support could could play a central role in these divorce proceedings.

Custody concerns may have New York parents making tough decisions

If New York parents find themselves facing a difficult marriage, they may wonder what the future could hold for them and their children. Some individuals may consider staying married in order to save their children from the difficulties of divorce and child custody proceedings. However, there are many factors to consider, and in some cases, staying married may not be best for everyone involved.

Drew Barrymore's uncontested divorce ends quickly

Though many individuals fear the worst when they begin dissolving their marriages, there are cases in which the process can go smoothly. An uncontested divorce could move along quickly, especially if the individuals involved are amicable about the process. If negotiations and terms are agreed upon, there may be no need for the case to proceed through a drawn out court process.

New York couples may wish to talk divorce before marriage

For New York residents who wish to avoid a messy and time-consuming divorce, they may wish to consider planning for such an event before the marriage takes place. Though the idea may seem contradictory to some, discussing divorce before tying the knot could prove immensely beneficial. A prenuptial agreement is a option that could help interested parties take such action.

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