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Types of child custody may concern New York parents

Custody is often a main concern when New York residents go through divorce. They undoubtedly want to make the best decisions possible when it comes to child custody and hope that the court helps in that endeavor. If individuals are uncertain about certain types of custody, becoming more informed may be wise before custody proceedings take place. 

The two types of custody are physical custody and legal custody. As likely surmised, physical custody pertains to where the children involved will physically live. In many cases, parents are able to come to terms about where the children will spend their time, but there are instances in which parents may not be able to negotiate successfully. During those cases, the court will take a variety of factors into consideration and make a custody decision.

If one parent is awarded custody, the children will spend most of their time with that parent while having visitation with the other parent. There is also the potential for joint custody to be awarded to both parents. When it comes to legal custody, the decision making rights of the parents are the focus. If a parent is granted legal custody, he or she has the ability to make decisions pertaining to varying aspects of the children's lives.

Child custody proceedings can often be a trying time for divorcing parents and for the children. If the court making decisions raise concerns for New York parents, they may wish to find out what factors are often considered and how they may be able to present their cases for custody. Information on custody proceedings as well as potential strategies could help interested parties gain a better idea of how to prepare.

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