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New York residents may have different options for divorce

When going through divorce, there are different ways that New York residents could approach their cases. Some individuals may wonder whether they could handle the proceedings entirely on their own and others may want to know more about the different types of legal assistance available. Of course, the specific details of each divorce may be factors in deciding the best routes to follow.

For individuals who believe that the parties involved can remain friendly toward each other and negotiate amicably, mediation may be a plausible path. A third party is utilized to assist with the negotiations, and individuals may also seek help with the documentation necessary for completing the process. If individuals have fairly simple finances, mediation may be a viable option to explore.

If individuals have complex financial circumstances and/or feel as if negotiations may not go smoothly, following a different route may be worth considering. Some individuals may wish to have their attorneys handle all contact with the other party and help with determining how finances could be addressed. Mediation may still be an option for these individuals, but in many cases, a judge may be needed to decide the terms of agreements.

Deciding how to handle a divorce could play a significant role in how the process plays out. Therefore, individuals concerned about their options may want to find out more information. Additionally, speaking with an experienced divorce attorney could help interested New York residents better understand how their circumstances could affect their proceedings and which path may be most feasible for the smoothest process possible.

Source: The Huffington Post, "4 Ways To Get Divorced: Is Pre-Suit Pro Se Right For You?", Dr. Jamie Williamson, July 19, 2016

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