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June 2016 Archives

Prioritizing divorce cases may help New York residents

The way a predicament is approached and the mindset that an individual has could play a considerable role in how a situation plays out. This may be especially true for divorce cases. Therefore, New York residents who are going through such proceedings may want to help themselves by remembering to keep their divorces a priority when attempting to move through the process as smoothly as possible.

Protecting your child when the other parent has addiction issues

When one parent is an addict, divorce and child custody issues can become extremely complicated. Whether one parent is abusing alcohol, drugs or both, it puts the other parent in a precarious situation where he or she has a responsibility to protect his or her child from the danger the substance-abusing parent poses. Talking to your child is the most important thing you can do.

New York kids may have a hard time processing child custody

Divorce is often considered a tremendous upset in the lives of children. They will likely have to contend with child custody decisions and learning that they will possibly not see both of their parents as much. In many ways, children in New York and across the country may experience this separation in ways similar to that of a great loss.

Child support stipulations may be worth considering in New York

Many New York residents likely agree that providing for one's children after divorce is important. However, some may not know how their child support payments are being spent. Though many parents use the support in order to benefit their children, some parents may spend the money on themselves. As a result, the parent providing the support may feel some concern about what expenses are being covered by the child support, and he or she may wish to take the extra step and include some spending stipulations in the divorce agreement.

Misconceptions could hinder New York divorce cases

New York residents may have certain expectations when they think about divorce. However, there are many misconceptions about divorce that could hinder those who proceed based upon incorrect information. Individuals who plan to move forward with a separation will want to be well-informed on the various proceedings, an approach that is best accomplished alongside an experienced family law attorney.

New York residents may look into asset division specifications

When it comes to dividing assets during a divorce, many individuals may have an idea of which pieces of property they would like to keep. However, the asset division laws will affect which property is eligible for division and how it will be divided. Because New York is an equitable division state, marital property is considered owned by both parties and will be fairly, but not necessarily equally, divided.

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