Many New York residents may know that celebrity divorce cases could become messy in a hurry. However, if those individuals took certain steps, such as creating a prenuptial agreement, they may be able to move through their divorce proceedings in a timely manner and toward the outcomes they desired. Of course, issues may still arise, and some parties may be left feeling as if they did not achieve their goals. 

It was recently reported that actress Kaley Cuoco recently came to a settlement in her divorce. She had been married to tennis star Ryan Sweeting for less than two years before the divorce proceedings took place. However, before the nuptials, Cuoco created a prenuptial agreement, and as a result, she came out of the divorce fairly well. The terms of the prenuptial agreement apparently allowed her to maintain all of her approximately $72 million contract for her current television show. She also purportedly maintained ownership of two homes.

As for Sweeting, his outcomes were apparently not as fruitful. Reports indicated that he maintained $165,000 as well as any cash and gift certificates that were in his possession at the time of the marriage. It was also noted that the tennis player had filed for alimony, but he apparently was not awarded the support. 

As this case shows, having a prenuptial agreement could lead individuals to having divorce outcomes fall in their favor. Therefore, New York residents may be interested in taking the time to create such an agreement of their own. Information on how to make a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement may help interested parties, and discussing specifics with an experienced attorney may be wise.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Kaley Cuoco Keeps $72 Million Fortune In Divorce From Ryan Sweeting“, Carly Ledbetter, May 10, 2016