Divorce may be considered one of the biggest upheavals in a person’s life, including for many in New York. This considerable change often affects more than just the two individuals seeking to end their marriage. If these parties have children, those kids can be particularly vulnerable to a myriad of emotional ups and downs, and custody issues could amplify those challenges. 

Because both parents and children can struggle emotionally during this new phase, finding ways to take care of the kids’ needs as well as the needs of the parents can be difficult. However, co-parenting may be a custody option that allows for greater flexibility in that area. Because co-parenting involves both parents remaining active in their children’s lives, both individuals can help bolster positive aspects in order to help children feel comfortable, and when one parent may need time to him or herself, they may be able to find that time while the children are with the other parent.

Maintaining a sense of structure may also be a goal that co-parenting could help achieve. Parents can continue to make decisions together that will impact their children in a significant way as well as create rules that children must follow when spending time with either parent. By upholding these rules and other factors when it comes to addressing behavior issues, children may feel like their lives are less out of control.

Though co-parenting may have many benefits and fit certain custody situations, the specific factors of each case may impact whether this option could be right. Therefore, New York parents may want to explore the various custody options and determine what decisions may be best for the children. If individuals are concerned about the terms of their agreements, they may wish to discuss those concerns with an experienced family law attorney.

Source: The Huffington Post, “4 Reasons Why Co-Parenting Post Divorce Matters More Than Ever“, Dana Westreich Hirt, April 11, 2016