Missing child support payments can have a considerable impact on all parties involved. The individuals who should be receiving the payments may have a difficult time providing for their children, and the individuals who should be paying child support could face criminal charges if they fall too far behind. New York residents may be interested in a similar situation that recently took place in another state.

Reports stated that one man who was apparently required to make support payments for his two children has fallen considerably behind. It was alleged that he owes approximately $28,000 in past-due payments. The man was reportedly under investigation, and he was suspected of neglect or refusal to provide support for his children.

He was taken into custody after being indicted on two counts of failure to pay child support. If the man is convicted of these charges, he could face jail time as well as monetary fines. At the time of the report, the man did not have any court dates set. It was unclear whether the man had extenuating circumstances that may have made it difficult for him to make payments. 

If individuals are in such situations and cannot make their child support payments, they may wish to look into modification. If a change in circumstances comes about, parties may be able to have the amount of support they owe adjusted to fit their new situation. This process must be done through the proper legal channels. Therefore, if New York residents are interested in such changes, they may wish to consult with an experienced family law attorney.

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