Custody disputes can be difficult for any parent to handle. Such situations can be even more worrisome if one of the parents violates the child custody terms and the other parent is left wondering where the child may be. If such violations take place, there may be cause to revisit the custody agreement and seek modifications.

New York residents may be interested in a similar occurrence currently taking place in another state. It was reported that a divorced couple had equal custody of their son as part of terms granted by the court. However, while the child was visiting his mother, she apparently took him from the area and has not returned him to the father. It was noted that the child has not been to his home or school.

Because the custody agreement dictated equal shared custody, the failure to take the son to his father is a violation of those terms. As a result, the woman is suspected of parental kidnapping. She currently has a felony warrant out for her arrest, and it has apparently been months since the warrant was issued and the boy was last seen. 

Due to the nature of the situation, it is likely that child custody terms will need to be revisited in family court in addition to the criminal case building against the mother. If New York residents have faced situations in which a parent violated the terms of their custody agreement, they may also wish to consider their legal options. Changes in custody may come about if circumstances warrant such modification, and major custody violations could be a factor.

Source:, “Sacramento County DA seeks mom in child-custody violation“, Bill Lindelof, March 29, 2016