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Attitude could play a role in New York divorce cases

When going through a divorce, many New York residents likely have goals that they would like to achieve during the process. In order to work toward those goals in a meaningful way, individuals may wish to ensure that they are approaching their divorce in a manner befitting success. There are various ways parties may be able to take such action.

First of all, being respectful to everyone involved in the process can prove exceedingly beneficial. Rather than simply presenting a respectful attitude toward the presiding judge, an individual may wish to also extend that attitude toward the other party's legal counsel, his or her own legal counsel and the other party. Though emotional and short-tempered responses may be a knee-jerk reaction, taking the time to act thoughtfully could yield more positive results.

Similarly, while working on attitude is useful, trying to be self-aware is also a prudent step. Individuals may not always realize when their facial expressions or body language is speaking louder than their words, and as a result, they could be sending a negative message. By being image-conscious, individuals may be able to present the best sides of themselves. 

Additionally, preparing for a divorce case ahead of time can be valuable. Individuals may be more likely to understand the proceedings and less likely to be caught off guard by topics that are discussed. If New York residents are contemplating divorce, they may want to consult with an experienced lawyer who could provide information on what may be expected of an individual during the process.

Source: The Huffington Post, "4 Tips To Help You Succeed In Divorce Court", Joseph E. Cordell, April 11, 2016

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