If your former spouse has not been paying child support, hiring a lawyer to help you get what is due is often your best and most efficient option.

Under federal law, your child’s parent or parental equivalent must pay court-ordered child support. This is true even if the noncustodial parent is not allowed to see the child. It is also true if the noncustodial parent lives in a different state from you and your children. The Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act of 1998 holds noncustodial parents’ accountable for unpaid child support – even if the noncustodial parent moves to another state.

However, the process of filing a petition is daunting and the laws vary by state as does each family’s situation. How well you communicate with the noncustodial parent can also complicate the situation, which makes it all the more prudent to hire a family law attorney.

How Can a Lawyer Make It Easier to Claim Unpaid Child Support in Arrears?

Child support agreements and their enforcement can be complex for both parents. A skilled family law lawyer is able to help you with the following when it comes to backdated child support that has not been paid:

· Explain how child support is calculated in your state

· Assess both parents’ custodial, marital, and financial situations to determine whether a modification is due

· Clarify terms in child support court orders

· Explain the rules and regulations surrounding child support enforcement

· File relevant court documents

· Collect and enforce child support payments

· Negotiate for you in and out of court proceedings

Using a lawyer can drastically streamline the process of filing a court order and chasing after the non-custodial parent, saving you a great deal of stress and effort.