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April 2016 Archives

Prenups may help New York residents before divorce

When thinking of marriage, many New York residents may also think about prenuptial agreements. However, they may be uncertain about what to include in such agreements. There are various uses for this type of document that could come in handy in the event of a divorce, and parties may be wise to consider taking the time to create a prenup.

When your life changes, it may be time to revisit your divorce agreements

In New York, life moves quickly. If you are divorced or you and the other parent of your child share custody, it's important to stay on top of significant changes in your life to ensure your divorce agreements are up to date.

New York parents may consider co-parenting as custody option

Divorce may be considered one of the biggest upheavals in a person's life, including for many in New York. This considerable change often affects more than just the two individuals seeking to end their marriage. If these parties have children, those kids can be particularly vulnerable to a myriad of emotional ups and downs, and custody issues could amplify those challenges. 

Attitude could play a role in New York divorce cases

When going through a divorce, many New York residents likely have goals that they would like to achieve during the process. In order to work toward those goals in a meaningful way, individuals may wish to ensure that they are approaching their divorce in a manner befitting success. There are various ways parties may be able to take such action.

Custody violations could mean agreement changes in New York

Custody disputes can be difficult for any parent to handle. Such situations can be even more worrisome if one of the parents violates the child custody terms and the other parent is left wondering where the child may be. If such violations take place, there may be cause to revisit the custody agreement and seek modifications.

Modifications may help New York residents with child support

Missing child support payments can have a considerable impact on all parties involved. The individuals who should be receiving the payments may have a difficult time providing for their children, and the individuals who should be paying child support could face criminal charges if they fall too far behind. New York residents may be interested in a similar situation that recently took place in another state.

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