Whether New York parents are going through divorce, recently divorced or have been divorced for years, child custody issues can still surface. With the New Year freshly started, some New York parents may have some resolutions they wish to make regarding their child custody arrangements. Some of those resolutions may range from being more courteous to an ex-spouse to potentially taking the initiative to seek modifications.

For many parents, custody schedules can often be a point of contention. Some parents may wish to change the routine due to a momentary conflict while others could potentially wish to seek permanent modification to visitation schedules. Because one parent or the other may have been met with resistance for such requests in the past, he or she may want to determine new amicable avenues for custody negotiations.

Though it can be difficult for parents to get along post-divorce, putting their best foot forward can make a considerable difference for everyone involved. If parents resolve to be more civil when communicating with an ex-spouse, arguments may be reduced, and children and parents alike may feel less stress. This more open and civil communication could also come in handy when discussing custody arrangements.

Parents often want their children to grow up in the best environment possible. Therefore, a tense relationship between parents may be an issue that New York residents want to address. If discussion regarding child custody is broached and one or both parents wish to seek changes to those arrangements, discussing the situation with their respective legal counsel could prove beneficial.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Top 10 Difficult New Year’s Resolutions for Divorced Parents“, Laurie Hollman, Dec. 24, 2015